Differentiated learning

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Complete the Course completion checklist (.docx 60kB) (see also Course Materials in Overview tab) to ensure you have completed all parts of this course, including the course deliverable.

Use it to show your supervisor the work you have done in order to gain recognition for the course.

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  1. Complete the online evaluation forms at My PL@Edu.

  2. Complete the online evaluation from the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (if applicable) to ensure appropriate accreditation with the NSW Institute of Teachers.

In order for teachers accredited at Proficient to have these hours added to their professional learning log with BOSTES, the principal or delegate must:

  1. Schedule an event against this course on My PL@Edu. Include the Developer of the course as the Manage Event Support Person. For information on scheduling an event, see DELIVERERS: Scheduling a professional learning event via My PL@Edu.

  2. Evaluate deliverables whilst ensuring the level of detail required, to complete the activities and deliverables, remains in proportion to the time allocated for the course. Supervisors should not interpret requirements in a way that creates excessive demands on the teacher.

  3. Ensure teachers’ learning is verified on My PL@Edu.

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Having completed your overview for a differentiated unit of learning, reflect on how the process worked for you and your colleagues. Would you have completed the steps in a different order? Is there other information that you feel should be included?

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Access further professional learning courses and resources related to the implementation of NSW syllabuses for the Australian Curriculum: Implementation support: