Differentiated learning

Differentiating your unit of learning

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The deliverable for this course is a differentiated unit of learning. You will create a new unit of learning or modify an existing unit, and provide data to support your strategies. See Course deliverable (.docx 95kB) for more information.

Submit the deliverable to your principal or supervisor for verification and accreditation.

Programming courses have been created for BOSTES syllabuses for the Australian Curriculum. Critical programming aspects of these courses are generic and applicable to all Key Learning Areas.

Teachers of all subjects are encouraged to use the following courses for reference.

A process for programming a unit of learning:

Note: Your unit of learning may cover the following areas in your template:

  • strand, sub-strand, outcomes, key ideas – as applicable

  • content, learning across the curriculum areas which will be addressed as part of your unit, e.g. literacy, numeracy, ICT, critical and creative thinking

  • highlight areas that have been differentiated

  • activities, tasks, assessments

  • evaluation and reflection tools for students and teacher.