A process for programming a unit of learning: English K–10

Building your unit

Using the BOS NSW Program Builder to create a unit of learning

Getting started with the Program Builder

The Board of Studies NSW Program Builder allows primary and secondary teachers in NSW to focus on the job of programming.

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If you are unfamiliar with the Program Builder, view the short video guides to help you get started.

Downloading the unit of learning template

The course ‘deliverable’ is an overview of a conceptual unit of learning produced with the Program Builder. This should be created in the unit template provided.

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  1. Open the Program Builder unit overview template.

  2. Sign in using your DEC login.

  3. Click on the green ‘Copy to my units’ button to save the template into your ‘units’ folder.

Alternatively you can use the overview template for each Stage below that has characterisation content pre-selected. This enables multistage settings to use a concept to teach English across all Stages.

Early Stage 1 | Stage 1 | Stage 2 | Stage 3 | Stage 4 | Stage 5

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Use the Board of Studies NSW Program Builder unit template to create a unit of learning overview (or modify one that you have created previously) by entering all the planning information and teaching activities from your Activity journal.

  • Your unit of learning overview is the ‘deliverable’ for this course. Export and save it as a MS Word document.

  • Complete the course reflection statement (.pdf 104kB).

Indicative time: 120 minutes

What is this tab about?

Participants use the templates provided on the Board of Studies NSW Program Builder to build a unit overview.


Participants can choose from a blank template or a template that has character content selected for each Stage.

Teachers can work together, however each teacher must submit a completed overview using the Board of Studies NSW Program Builder to meet the course requirements.